What we offer

Business Support

A robust, centralised infrastructure to support the back office services required by our academies has evolved since the inception of the trust. Our business support team currently consists of the following roles and we believe there is sufficient capacity within this team to support future growth.

  • Finance Director
  • Management Accountant
  • 4 x Finance Managers
  • Director of operations
  • HR Manager
  • Teaching School Co-ordinator & admin team

The following business support services are provided to all TCAT academies within the management charge:

  • Insurance
  • Financial management/audit
  • HR & payroll
  • Estates & capital
  • Policy support
  • Procurement
  • Business support hubs
  • Training & support
  • Health & safety
  • IT
  • Safeguarding support & training
  • Marketing
  • MIS/data support
  • Legal services
Core offer: Education

Two Executive Principals operate within the trust manages the accountability framework and also co-ordinating a wide internal network of challenge and support at all levels.

The aim of this directorate is to create a connected autonomy in which we accept strong systems of accountability whilst simultaneously strengthening the organisation through focused collaboration.

There is a comprehensive training and professional development offer delivered at our Professional Development Centre via our Education Connect offer.

We are able to provide intense, targeted scrutiny where required. The following offer is afforded to all TCAT academies:

  • Academic/pastoral hub membership
  • Annual peer review
  • Curriculum reviews
  • CPD & training at all levels
  • Oxford University partnership
  • Leadership support
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • SLE support
  • Safeguarding support
  • Governor support & Training
  • Attendance support
  • Personal development, behaviour & welfare offer
  • Careers guidance offer
  • Ofsted support
  • Headteacher appraisal
  • STEM/Computing training & provision
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