What does it mean to ‘make a difference’?

There are many ways to make a difference, both in your career and in your personal life.

In essence, I believe, in its simplest form, it means helping to bring about a change for the better in a way that you believe is important.

Many of us have a sense of using our careers to help to bring about positive change.

We can positively influence others in so many different ways, mainly through our own personal beliefs and values.

However, it is not always enough to have strong beliefs.

We also need to have a sense of what we want to achieve as this often helps to drive our interests and develop or refine our skills.

Job satisfaction is important and to be happy in your role, we often choose something we do well and that gives us satisfaction in itself.

The joy of working in education is its vastness and wide range of skill sets that are required across so many areas.

Be it teaching to help young people to succeed, ensuring the buildings are safe and secure for learning to happen, delivering training to ensure best practice, identifying funding streams to enhance our offer or ensuring learners are fed; which for some might be their only hot meal of the day.

We all play such an important part in the lives of those we encounter.

By Vicky Briggs

Seven ways to make a difference in the workplace


Make a point of appreciating good work


Avoid gossip


Assist a new member to the team


Focus on issues, not personalities


Say Thank You….. a lot!


Help keep your working areas clean


Teach a colleague something new