TCAT Student Parliament Meeting

TCAT Student Parliament (SP) members gathered at the TCAT Personal Development Centre, on Wednesday 6th December, for their half termly meeting.

The SP representatives started the session by reflecting on what it means to be part of the trust and the unique collaboration opportunities this provides them as students. They then had the chance to watch the new TCAT testimonials video to gain a greater understanding of the wider partnership work that takes place and how this impacts them in their individual academies. 

Students then gave updates on the sustainability projects they are currently working on and encouraged each other to take notes on how to progress ideas and implement best practice back in their own schools.

 Claire Rick from the Cheshire Community Fund (CCF) attended the meeting to talk to the group about a new project her team are launching around mental health and how will now be working closely with the SP reps to get their input to help shape and develop the provision. To kick off this initiative Claire gave the group a budget of £100 to both stimulate their creative ideas and encourage strategic thinking.

A particular highlight of the morning was the arrival and presentation of the new TCAT Parliament badges which students immediately pinned on with pride!