Sisters enjoy STEM success

TWO sisters who studied at Priestley College have taken their next steps towards a career in healthcare.

Heidi Kressel finished college two years ago and went on to study Medicine at Hull York Medical School and, after collecting her results in August, younger sibling Isabella has followed in her footsteps to study medicine at Manchester University.

Both took Biology and Chemistry at Priestley College and have inspired one another with their outstanding achievements so far.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Isabella” said Heidi.

“I know how stressful it was for her taking A-Levels during the pandemic so her results are amazing and the hard work has really paid off.”

The former St Gregory’s RC High School pupils excelled at Priestley.

Heidi studied German and Art alongside her sciences and earned two A*s and two As. This year Isabella earned four A*s in Biology, German, History and EPQ as well as an A in Chemistry.

Taking the Pre-Med enrichment at Priestley gave both sisters access to Medic Mentor, which Isabella described as ‘instrumental in placing a successful medical application’.

“I became a Medic Mentor school ambassador, completed the gold award and took part in the summer school program,” she said.

Throughout college and the university application process Isabella benefitted from her sister’s experience.

She was inspired by how many subjects Heidi was able to take, knew that preparing an application early was crucial and got tips on how to conduct a successful interview.

“I also found that Heidi’s successful medical application demonstrated it was possible to be successful in applying to medical from state school,” said Isabella.

Heidi has just started her third year at medical school and is now working in a hospital seeing patients full-time.

She’s also hoping to intercalate next year and complete a BSc in either Neuroscience or Global Health on top of her medical degree.

“I have a particular interest in neurology at the moment, but I’m not fully certain on which area of medicine I want to specialise in,” she said.

“I’ve still got a few years left to decide yet though.”

No doubt whatever she decides will provide further inspiration for Isabella as they both strive for futures in the medical profession.