Stuart Piggott

I have been working in Education with Edtech IT Systems for over 22 years as a Network Manager, new schools Project Manager, ICT Strategy Lead and Trust Head of IT.

In 2007 I had the privilege to work on a brand new One School Pathfinder project to build a brand new high school.  I was already the Network Manager at the school and then I increased my role to ICT Consultant and Project Manager for the new build.  In 2010 the school was successfully built with £28 million budget and state of the art facility in Warrington with the latest IT infrastructure and equipment.

During 2015-2018 I was responsible for implementing the schools Google Reference Status for the innovative and forward thinking manner in which the school used Google technologies to deliver Teaching and Learning to students, staff and visitors.

I class myself as a passionate educator particularly with EdTech I enjoy the challenges IT provide.  I enjoy working with Teaching and Learning supporting the use of Technology and beyond, designing and delivering workshop courses on the use of technology so educators make full use of what is available to them and have the E-confidence to be able to use and deliver to others.

I joined the team at The Challenge Academy Trust in July 2022 and I am excited to work with the Trust and its partners including all of the academies to drive IT forward for the benefit of all its users.