Putting textiles talents to good use

More than 70 students and staff at Priestley College volunteered to make wiggly bags for patients at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

A wiggly is the child-friendly term used by doctors to refer to their Hickman line and the bag is used to hold this vital piece of equipment.

When tutor Emma Lingard asked for help her call was answered by First and Second Year Textiles students, staff from across college as well as friends of Priestley.

“There were more than 70 people involved and it took three weeks to hit the target of 200 wiggly bags,” she said.

“Many of those involved have some connection to Alder Hey personally or through relatives and friends so wanted to give something back.”

Wiggly bags are usually bright and colourful, they are used to keep the Hickman line safe and clean.

Emma was looking for projects her students could get involved with when she spotted an article on the Embroiderers’ Guild website about the bags.

“Our students are often involved in raising money for charity, but for this they had to donate their time to make a difference,” she said.

“They could stitch the bags in college or at home, so no-one was excluded from taking part.”

Although the project was delayed by Covid, Priestley College was able to deliver more than 200 of the bags to Alder Hey in January.

Many of the volunteers have offered to give their time again if needed.

“It has been amazing to see everyone join together for this cause and put their skills to good use,” said Emma.

“The fact people are willing to help again is very inspiring.”