TCAT Lockdown Challenge

It is clear that 2021 has not gotten off to an ideal start and we now know that a large proportion of our young people will be educated at home for at least the next few weeks. We feel confident our academies will provide some outstanding delivery of the main school curriculum during this time and we will be working together to ensure this is the case. However, we also want to ensure that our young people have access to a range of opportunities to develop their ‘softer’ skills despite the social limitations in place. To this end we are launching the TCAT Lockdown Challenge to encourage your sons and daughters to engage with a range of activities which will support their social, physical and emotional well-being and we will be asking you and your children to celebrate these achievements publicly via social media if you are happy to do so. Your child’s school may already have a similar scheme in place, if so we would ask you to celebrate these achievements too.

Please choose form the list of options below or offered by your own school, complete as many activities as you would like, post them on Facebook (tagging us in @tcatuk) and/or Twitter (tagging us in @tcat_uk) and hashtag them with #TCATChallenge. The challenges will be updated regularly.

L: Learn a new skill

Pick a new skill to learn, you can sue the list below to inspire you or think of something else:





O: Offer to help

Simply offer to help a friend, family member, neighbour, classmate, teacher or anyone you know with any of the following:

Cleaning up

Washing up


Unload shopping

Take bins out

Cup of tea

School work

Learn a new skill

Cheer them up


C:  Cook a meal


K: Kindness

Perform random act of kindness every day, some great ideas on the link below or just simple acts for friends and family. This is proven to be infectious so your acts will inspire others to be kind too.

D: Donate time or belongings

Have a sort out in your bedroom, shed, garage and identify items that you no longer use or derive any pleasure from that another person may benefit from. You could pass the items on leave out for others to take by your front door or bag them up and deliver to a charity shop or recycle centre.

Alternatively, donate some of your time to help or support others. This could be done remotely or during your daily exercise. You could write letters, pick litter, clear icy pathways, raise money, make phone calls, support a toy box scheme. Be creative or select from Covid safe options from the websites below.


O: Open your mind

Try some activities to support your emotional well-being and mental health. Try to create a daily practice.






W: Walk

Set your self a goal to walk or run a half/full marathon across the space of a week, you should be able to achieve this using your exercise hour, in the garden or even up and down stairs. Use Google maps to measure your walks.


N: Nominate a friend

Choose a friend, family member, teacher, class mate or someone you know who you think embodies these qualities and let them know with a text, a call or just tell them. It will make their day.








Best gamer


Most stylish