Our Mission

To serve, challenge and empower the educational community

TCAT Values

Collaboration & interdependence

Challenge & service

Sustainability & well-being

Celebrating difference

Educational Excellence

Inclusivity & social justice


Trust Strategic Objectives

Our key strategic objectives are focused around three key dimensions: pupils/students, people and performance. Our Strategic Action Plan is reviewed by trustees on a regular basis and we set challenging targets focused around each of these dimensions which involve a focus upon pupil outcomes, engagement of vulnerable young people, financial health & sustainability, professional development, well-being and safeguarding amongst other things. We are a high performing, successful trust but we are always striving to reflect and improve.


3 Core operating principles

We operate around 3 core principles of collaboration, challenge and continuous professional development or our 3 Cs. These principles apply across the work of our Education Directorate and our Business Support Team.

  • Continuous professional development is at the heart of our practice and we have and extensive programme of professional development which ranges from Initial Teacher Training right up to Headship qualifications. Our training offer is a combination of externally accredited qualifications, external providers and internal training provided by colleagues from across the organisation. We invest in our staff to ensure they feel valued, develop as practitioners and provide the best outcomes for our young people.
  • Collaboration goes much further than simply working together, we aim to create strength through interdependence and collective accountability in our working practices. We do not mandate alignment but aim for harmonisation through shared values and goals. Much of this is achieved via our extensive professional hub network.
  • Challenge & support in equal measure is crucial to our success. We have a comprehensive programme of quality assurance which provides our academies with a ‘mirror on themselves’ and provides rigorous scrutiny for the trust board. However, this is does not happen in isolation and is allied with a detailed professional development programme, access to a huge range of expertise and experience and the support necessary to improve. This is central to our ethos of earned autonomy

Professional Development

The TCAT Professional Development centre, based at Bridgewater High School, is the centre point for all activities relating to professional collaboration, research, training and staff development. It is a resource which is made available for all TCAT staff to use and is the home to our Initial Teacher Training Programme delivered via our teaching school dimension. Within our Education Connect offer we deliver training across all career stages from ITT to Executive leadership alongside a comprehensive offer of training to support teaching, curriculum development, pastoral work and support staff.

Two TCAT institutions have STEM Assured status and consequently Beamont Collegiate Academy plays host to two regional hubs: the NW hubs for the National Computing Centre of Excellence and for the Science Learning Partnership. These hubs provide nationally supported and accredited training for colleagues from across the whole region.

Student Provision

We work hard to ensure that students see the value of TCAT and feel part of the trust. We work hard to keep young people at the very heart of what we do. Consequently there are a number of opportunities and activities which TCAT students can participate in which challenge them and enrich the curriculum Our cross-phase dimension really comes in to its own as the students are able to mix with peers ranging from 3-19 years of age. Some example of student facing activities are below:

  • Enrichment programme
  • Student challenge
  • Curriculum pathways
  • Environmental campaigning
  • Student parliament
  • Oxford University events
  • Curriculum pathways
  • Arts & Sports pathways
  • Specialist engineering & technology provision
  • Teacher CPD to ensure best outcomes