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Update 15th May 2020

TCAT Position on School and College re-opening

TCAT has been fully committed to enabling vulnerable young people and the children of key workers to attend our academies since the formal closure of schools and colleges on Friday 20 March.

As the Government sets out plans for more pupils and students to return to schools and colleges for teaching and/or face to face contact you can be assured that TCAT will:

  • Follow the latest Government advice and guidance (which is being updated daily at the moment)
  • Proceed with caution at every stage of the re-opening process
  • Continue our preparations for the safe return of staff, pupils and learners to ensure we are ready to move when the time is right
  • Only open for more pupils and students when national authorities deem it safe to do so for staff
  • Only open for more pupils and students when national authorities deem it safe to do so for pupils and students
  • Ensure “face to face contact” is meaningful and manageable
  • Ensure that the online offer for those not attending school or college remains meaningful and purposeful
  • Continue to communicate with all stakeholders and other schools and colleges to ensure best practice is shared and resources are put to best use

 Information correct as of  15 May 2020

Matthew Grant


Update 3rd April 2020

As the situation in the UK has developed and the government have put in place emergency measures including the closure of schools to the majority of pupils, our academies  continue to follow the guidance from the Department of Education and Public Health England. Our academies are open where needed for the children of critical workers and for vulnerable students whilst each academy provides work and resources for all our other students to follow at home. Please see the links below for further information and our Trust’s emergency policies.

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Trust guidance 7 – Attendance policy

Trust Guidance 8 – TCAT Emergency Data Protection Guidance

Trust Guidance 9 – TCAT Emergency Staff Absence Policy v1.2

Trust Guidance 10 – Curriculum Continuity by Distance Learning policy

Trust Guidance 11 – TCAT Emergency Recruitment Guidance v1.2

Trust Guidance 12 – TCAT Emergency Health and Safety Policy


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